Little Stone Remedies, and Little Stone's Organics line of natural products for body and home, were founded in 2010 to provide people with pleasing and healthy alternatives to products we use every day.

All of our ingredients are cultivated, wildcrafted, harvested, and prepared in the most sustainable and responsible methods available.

Whenever possible we use ingredients that are grown and produced locally. We feel that this strengthens our community, and keeps our medicines good!      209-742-3834

NEW: Sweet Sierra Deodorant and
Moonglow Facial Scrub


Organic butters and oils, sage and lime and clay, form the foundation for this powerhouse. 24 hour protection without irritation. Fresh, mild aroma. A little bit goes a long way....

2 oz jar...$11

Directions: Using the enclosed spoon, apply about 1/4 to
1/3 spoonful to underarm area. Massage into skin. Go live
your active life!!

"It works real, real, real good!" P.B.

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Our sunscreen is good for you and good for the earth. Oxybenzones in commercial sunscreens are causing damage to coral reefs. Zinc Oxide nano-particles are showing up in human livers. It's time for a change!

Little Stone's sunscreen is made with non-nano zinc oxide; these larger particles do not absorb into your skin and never make their way to your liver. Safer for you! There are no oxybenzones in our sunscreen. Safer for our ocean relatives and coral reefs!

Contains organic: coconut oil. shea butter, sunflower oil, vitamin e oil, and lavender essential oil; non-nano zinc oxide.

2 oz......$13

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Because there are no chemicals or stabilizers, your sunscreen will last longer if you keep it in the fridge. Coconut oil becomes solid in cold temps, but can still be used - it will melt on your warm skin. When you are out in the warm weather, give it a shake every now and again to prevent separation. Most of all, enjoy the good health that comes from natural products, and enjoy your days in the sun!!


Arnica is well known for its soothing properties for stiff & sore muscles, strains and bruises. Our salve contains organic arnica flowers, organic local olive oil and local beeswax (when available).  Gently massage onto sore area, and feel the relief that follows!

2 oz. jar.....$13

"I love it!" - Margie

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This aloe based blend of witch hazel extract smells nice and won't irritate the skin. Organic tee tree oil gives it power; vitamin e oil makes it easy on the skin, and essential oils offer a pleasing scent.

1 oz. glass spray bottle or 1 oz. plastic flip-top bottle . . . . $7.00

"It leaves your hands feeling thoroughly clean but not sterile. It's a natural clean, without that chemical feeling you get from the store-bought sanitizers." - Shelton

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Bentonite clay, echinacea, and organic essential oils of lavender and tea tree work together to draw out toxins from the skin. Originally designed to treat insect bites & stings*, we have discovered it is also very effective on acne! May also be thinned with water to make a face mask, or help heal rashes such as poison oak.

25 ml jar (about 1 oz. ) . . . . $12.00

"It changed my life because of the way it cleared up my skin. I put it on in the night and in the morning my pimples were gone." - Liam

"Mud medicine is great - it works fast, doesn't irritate the skin, and travels well in my overnight bag!" - Vicki

" I was stung by a scorpion* and I applied Mud Medicine immediately. The pain was gone within a minute!" - Shelton

* If you receive a bite or sting that could cause illness or death, seek medical help immediately.

Note: It is the nature of clay to dry out when exposed to air. If your Mud Medicine dries out a little on the surface, a dab of water will refresh it.

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Relief for irritated, dry and chapped skin! Wildcrafted plants from my home in the Sierra foothills provide protection, moisture, pain relief and skin cell repair. Eczema sufferers have found relief with this salve. Also good for chapped lips. Beeswax from the bees of Mariposa (when available),  and organic olive oil from Bluebird Trail Farm in Coarsegold infused with plaintain, manzanita, yerba santa, wormwood, poppy, and st. john's wort. I make this for myself and I use it every day!

-"I received a relatively serious burn from a cooking incident...It definitely was not looking good the next day. My sister...gave me the Sierra Salve. Not only did this relieve pain and itchiness, but also expedited the healing process. 
I also used this for the chronic puffiness and dark circles under my eyes....I can not recommend this product enough." - Sarah

25 ml ( about 1 oz. ) jar . . . . $7

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Relieves itch, soothes pain, protects the skin, and assists healing. Contains wildcrafted Sierra foothill native plants (yerba santa, wormwood, manzanita, St. John's Wort, & oak bark); organic vinegar; organic essential oils of lavender, clove & peppermint; organic aloe vera; and glycerine.

2 oz. brown glass spray bottle . . . . $13

"The poison oak spray is the best remedy ever. It clears up poison oak for me quicker than (major brand) soap or (homeopathic) pills. It also has healed unidentifiable skin problems." - Marcia

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Happy Heart Blend: Organic rosemary, lavender & chamomile essential oils in an organic grape seed and sunflower oil base. Bright, refreshing and soothing.

Earthly Delight Blend: A luxurious blend of organic sandalwood, ylang ylang & and tangerine in an organic grape seed and sunflower oil base. Energizing and grounding.

Lavender: Organic lavender essential oil in an organic grape seed and sunflower oil base.

Eucalyptus: Organic eucalyptus oil in an grape seed and sunflower oil base.

2 oz. glass bottle with metal twist top . . . . $8

Substitutions and custom blends:  If you have a favorite scent we can customize a massage oil just for you. Please contact us directly.

"I love the smell and feel of the Earthly Delight Blend oil. I use to moisturize and feel luxurious." - Kristin

We've changed! To reduce our use of plastics, we have switched to a metal twist cap, which you can recycle or reuse. Our photographer will be bringing you new pictures shortly.

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Super concentrated with a pleasing lemony/woodsy aroma, our repellent leaves skin feeling moisturized, not greasy or sticky. Organic essential oils of cedarwood, eucalyptus, peppermint & lemongrass in a base of organic grapeseed and sunflower oils.

Deters nearly all insects (including mosquitoes, gnats, biting flies, no-see-ums, and.....). Passed the test in Alaska, Panama and the Yosemite high country! One bottle can last all summer long.

1/2 oz. brown glass bottle . . . . $13.00

Directions: Tip the bottle to apply a dab of repellent
to fingertip or palm of hand. Spread onto skin. Cover
all exposed skin with a very light coat of repellent.
(One dab covers about half of an adult's arm.) You
may apply a second or third coat if conditions are

"I have used many different repellents throughout my lifetime and have never found one that worked as effectively, without chemicals, in keeping mosquitoes at bay." - Pam

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Organic almond oil and beeswax produced by
the bees of Mariposa (when available), along
with organic orange essential oil, provide
refreshing moisture. Prepare to love it, because
it will last a twice as long as the average lip tube stick.

1/4 oz. tin . . . . $5.00

".....Without reservation, I can say that it is the finest lip balm I've ever used....It is long lasting, smells good, travels well and is lusciousness for my lips! This product is now my go to present for birthdays and holidays."   -Heather

Please call 209-742-3834 or email to place an order.  Thank you!