Bentonite clay, echinacea, and organic essential oils of lavender and tea tree work together to draw out toxins from the skin. Originally designed to treat insect bites & stings*, we have discovered it is also very effective on acne! May also be thinned with water to make a face mask, or help heal rashes such as poison oak.

25 ml jar (about 1 oz. ) . . . . $12.00

"It changed my life because of the way it cleared up my skin. I put it on in the night and in the morning my pimples were gone." - Liam

"Mud medicine is great - it works fast, doesn't irritate the skin, and travels well in my overnight bag!" - Vicki

" I was stung by a scorpion* and I applied Mud Medicine immediately. The pain was gone within a minute!" - Shelton

* If you receive a bite or sting that could cause illness or death, seek medical help immediately.

Note: It is the nature of clay to dry out when exposed to air. If your Mud Medicine dries out a little on the surface, a dab of water will refresh it.

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