Relief for irritated, dry and chapped skin! Wildcrafted plants from my home in the Sierra foothills provide protection, moisture, pain relief and skin cell repair. Eczema sufferers have found relief with this salve. Also good for chapped lips. Beeswax from the bees of Mariposa (when available),  and organic olive oil from Bluebird Trail Farm in Coarsegold infused with plaintain, manzanita, yerba santa, wormwood, poppy, and st. john's wort. I make this for myself and I use it every day!

-"I received a relatively serious burn from a cooking incident...It definitely was not looking good the next day. My sister...gave me the Sierra Salve. Not only did this relieve pain and itchiness, but also expedited the healing process. 
I also used this for the chronic puffiness and dark circles under my eyes....I can not recommend this product enough." - Sarah

25 ml ( about 1 oz. ) jar . . . . $7

Please call 209-742-3834 or email to place an order.  Thank you!