"....Without reservation, I can say that it is the finest lip balm I've ever used, I appreciate that it is made with all natural ingredients and that it comes in a glass jar...shows the commitment of Little Stones Remedies to true,  comprehensive best environmental practice. It is long lasting, smells good, travels well and is lusciousness for my lips! This product is now my go to present for birthdays and holiday"  -Heather

"The (Earthly Delight) massage oil includes top quality ingredients with a nice subtle smell. It leaves my skin healthier and more moist ( I use it as a moisturizer). I also use it to rub my wife's shoulders and feet. It is not greasy like other oils can be, but allows for smooth movement over the skin and no stains on clother, linens etc." - Dave

"I love the smell and feel of the (Sensual Relaxation) oil. I to moisturize and feel luxurious." -Kristin


"I used it (on my daughter) at Yosemite and folks kept asking what the wonderful smell was...and it worked beautifully." - Diane

"...the insect repellent worked very well! I went to Arkansas, which has very bad mosquitoes in the summer. Only got one bite the whole trip! Very pleased." - Veronica

"I have used many different repellents throughout my lifetime and have never found one that worked as effectively, without chemicals, in keeping mosquitoes at bay." - Pam

"I have been using the insect repellent for almost a year and am pleased with the effectiveness and oh-so-pleasant fragrance! I can put it on and know that I am keeping those pesky mosquitoes away, while adding some aromatherapy to my day. I am ready to get more for the season."

"I have been using the Insect Repellent this summer...and discovered on a recent camping trip that it is an excellent remedy for stinky armpits. Woot!

"It (Mud Medicine) changed my life because of the way it cleared up my skin. I put it on in the night and in the morning my pimples were gone." - Liam

"Mud medicine is great - it works fast, doesn't irritate skin, and travels well in my overnight bag!" - Vicki

" I was stung by a scorpion* and I applied Mud Medicine immediately. The pain was gone within a minute!" - Shelton
*If you receive a bite or sting that could cause illness or death, seek medical help immediately.

"The poison oak spray is the best remedy ever. It clears up poison oak for me quicker than (major brand) soap or (homeopathic) pills. It also has healed unidentifiable skin problems." - Marcia

"This stuff works! I used the Rosemary-Sage in my car, and the smoky smell is gone." - Bill

"I received a relatively serious burn from a cooking incident... luckily I quickly took the appropriate measures, rinsing area with cold water and putting some burn ointment on. It definitely was not looking good the next day. My sister...gave me the Sierra Salve. Not only did this relieve pain and itchiness, but also expedited the healing process. It is a week since I started using it and my burn is almost completely healed.
I also used this for the chronic puffiness and dark circles under my eyes. The puffiness has been subdued and the dark circles have lightened significantly by the Sierra Salve. I can not recommend this product enough." - Sarah

"It leaves your hands feeling thoroughly clean but not sterile. It's a natural clean, without that chemical feeling you get from the store-bought sanitizers." - Shelton      209-742-3834